Mother Medicine

Mother Medicine

A Spiritual Journey For Mothers Towards More Light And Energy

Debby Ixchel

Spiritualität & Esoterik


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Erscheinungsdatum: 05.08.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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If you feel that your light is dim, let this book inspire you to bring back your energy and light into your life. Your soul always calls you and carries you with its warm embrace. It is time for you to remember who you are without a doubt.

It's time for you, too, to remember who you are without a doubt and take up that space.

In this book you will gain access to the inner wisdom of your femininity with the help of the Ashtanga yoga philosophy and the journey from Daughter to Medicine Woman. It comes with a useful workbook, full of meditations and exercises.
Debby Ixchel

Debby Ixchel

Debby Ixchel (32) is the founder of Luna Circle. As a holistic coach, she aims to provide mothers with more energy and light in their lives. Debby combines her knowledge in the field of yoga, intuitive development, culture and linguistics. Her unique view of spirituality provides a fresh and innovative view of what is possible. Probably more than you first thought.

When her daughter Luna was born prematurely, she found herself a single mom. Her body was running on empty after having faced death during her labor.

The dark pilgrimage that Debby's soul traveled has led her to something bigger. In the darkness of her depression she felt the power of the Great Mother, she who led her back to the light and her calling. She felt called to share her spiritual insights with other mothers. She could no longer ignore this calling. She relied on the path that unfolded before her.

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