Money Magic for Beginners

Money Magic for Beginners

Analyses, Methods, Invocations and Rituals

Harry Eilenstein

Spiritualität & Esoterik


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Money spells don't necessarily have the best reputation - quite wrongly. Why not live in abundance?

There are a lot of classical methods to get money - from Jupiter talisman to sigil magic. This also works reasonably well.

However, you can also be more thorough and explore why you have had too little money so far - for this you can use the horoscope, knowledge of the chakras and some other things. If by improved self-knowledge regarding money there are no more "Yes, but ..." wishes, but instead "Yes, gladly!" wishes, one's own money magic will also become more effective.

But one can do it still another step more thoroughly: One can look at the own relationship to the abundance altogether and see whether something in one's own life is no longer in the center: Has the fire become polarized to power and powerlessness? The water to renunciation and gluttony? The air to lies and bossiness? The earth to poverty and gluttony? If one can dissolve these polarized extremes, truth, power, love and flourishing will again come into one's life.

But even this is not the real foundation of the money theme: There is the possibility to live in trust to the world and in responsibility for the world and to connect with the world through a constantly working magic, so that abundance can flow at any time.

Would you like to join us on this journey of discovery?
Harry Eilenstein

Harry Eilenstein

I was born in 1956 and have been intensively involved in magic, religion, meditation, astrology, psychology and related subjects for 45 years now. Meanwhile I have written about 190 books and about 50 articles for various magazines.
Since 2007, I have expanded my decades-long avocation and am now a full-time life coach. This includes the actual consultations, but also the interpretation of horoscopes, healings, rituals, sweat lodges, firewalkings, help with haunted houses and other "magical problems", training in meditation and Feng Shui and much more. On my website you can find some of my articles and also a detailed curriculum vitae.


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