Material Research and Education in Architecture and Design

Manuel Kretzer

Lifestyle & Design


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ISBN-13: 9783755716426

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Erscheinungsdatum: 13.12.2021

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Materiability is design by making, an understanding of actively learning from and about the world by physically engaging in it. The immediate connection between matter and human senses, such as touch, smell, sound or visuals, forms the basis for bodily explorations, engagements, and experiences. Materiability is a call to take action, to cease accepting the status-quo as given but instead speculate and dream about possible alternatives. It is about sharing these dreams with others, about communication, exchange, collaboration and open, unrestricted access to information. Materiability is the belief in a future that is shaped by our common efforts. It is about inspiration, ideas and visions. About understanding challenges not as problems that need to be solved but as opportunities from which new can emerge. Materiability is a playground for probing tomorrow.
Manuel Kretzer

Manuel Kretzer

Prof. Dr. Manuel Kretzer is a designer, researcher and educator. Since October 2018 he is professor for Material and Technology at the Dessau Department of Design, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. From October 2015 until March 2018 he was visiting professor at the Braunschweig University of Art. With his appointment as professor in Dessau he formed the Materiability Research Group with associated Materiability Lab. The group's work focuses on exploring novel material exploration in unison with digital design and fabrication processes. A particular emphasis is on adaptive or smart technologies as well as biological materials and their impact on our future environment. Manuel is also founding partner of responsive design studio based in Cologne. The office works on various scales, including architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, furniture and object design, and provides individual digital design and fabrication services.

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