Love Yourself And Start Living A Happy Life

Love Yourself And Start Living A Happy Life

Daily Habits For Self Confidence And Self Love

Angela Glaser

Selbsthilfe & Recht


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Of all the forces in this great, wide Universe, Love may be one of the most powerful - and confusing. There are many forms of love, from the adoration we feel to our family and friends to the all consuming passion we may develop for a spouse. Yet when it comes to the love of self, many of us stumble, either from fear, self-doubt or even an odd sense that we are not worthy of truly loving ourselves.

Loving yourself, deeply and fully, is fundamental to living a life that brings you happiness and joy. This book tackles this tricky concept and explores the ins and outs of what being true to yourself and honestly loving who you are really means. Small daily steps can add up to a more joyful existence, one where you treat yourself with the love and compassion you already show your friends and family. From finding 'me' time to forgiving yourself, the journey to self-worth and confidence begins with being kind to yourself and learning to love who you are - this guide will show you how.
Angela Glaser

Angela Glaser

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