Little Beaver's Secrets

Little Beaver's Secrets

Bärbel Thetmeyer

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ISBN-13: 9783848244423

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 27.11.2012

Sprache: Englisch

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Little Beaver's Secrets
Adventures at bear country

British Columbia at Canada's west coast is still remaining bear's country. Nowadays the bears have to share their natural environment with many National Park visitors and the tribes of the First Natives.
My husband and I visited Canada’s West Coast twice. We travelled around British Columbia and Alberta. It was ‘love at the first sight’! I was fascinated by the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Costal rainforest, the wild creeks and rivers, lakes and the natural inhabitants, the black bears and grizzlies.
My passion for bears, the magnificent memories of Canada’s West coast and the wonderful, heart-warming friends we met brought me to the ideas of ‘Little Beaver’s Secrets’. Little Beaver, a young Tlingit, is meeting strange inhabitants of the rain forest and exploring their secrets.

The special photos for this book are the result of the teddy bear collector and photographer Michèle Florack's "bear hunting".
Bärbel Thetmeyer

Bärbel Thetmeyer

Bärbel Thetmeyer is writing stories about teddy bears, bunnies, rabbits and more. She started writing back in the 1990ies. These first stories were meant to be special Christmas presents for the family kids.
By the time the stories were published as print editions at BoD. Since the new media e-books appeared on the market, her books are also available on Kindle as e-books and on iTunes.
In 2012 she made the acquaintance of a wonderful English lady who became the editor for the first translation. She started what she calls 'my big translation adventure' and in December 2012 her first ever-English book was published at BoD: Little Beaver Secrets.
Her aim is to enrich the fantasy of her readers of all ages and to give them a little escape from the cruelty of today world! Come on and join in!
Last year she started to translate the bunny stories of her first book. The first three out of seven Bo Bunny Stories 1, 2 and 3 was published at BoD in 2015.
This publication presents the last four stories.


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