Life in the New World

Life in the New World

Novel to the non-fiction series "Handover of Power - European Version"

Andreas Seidl

Science Fiction & Fantasy


396 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783758323454

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 18.12.2023

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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Hello, I'm Sarah.

What should your future look like? What should the future of humanity look like? Do you sometimes doubt whether politicians can reconcile the two?

Come with me on my journey through one life among many in the new world. Experience with me how old problems are solved and how humanity becomes happier together. Be curious to find out which innovations can save our future. Look forward to the hope of being able to achieve anything in life as long as you vote your goals with the public.

My life in the new world shows you how the non-fiction series "Handover of Power" could be implemented in the reality of the near future. Please help me and find your truth in this novel.

The book gives you hope for a great future without our current political problems. Climate change, war, debt, terrorism, dictatorship, poverty, hunger are disappearing worldwide.
It offers many world firsts, including:
First political non-fiction series also available as a novel.
3 forms of government and 4 economic systems operating simultaneously in one country.
With your purchase, if desired, you will gain access to the network that wants to save the world. We have a plan for 200 years that everyone can have a say in implementing. Everything can, nothing must.

This novel is a summary of the non-fiction series called "Handover of Power - European Version" by Andreas Seidl. All references in the text are endnotes, indicating the number and title of appropriate volumes and chapters.
In the novel, Germany is exemplary for every country in the world. These developments could take place anywhere, but the author knows Germany best.

Trigger warning
Drug use, homophobia, suicide, child abuse (domestic violence), racism
Please try to approach my texts with an open mind, because I am only interested in how all people could live together in peace. If you feel fear or hatred, you may have understood something from an opposing point of view or I may have worded it inappropriately. Hopefully reading this will bring you new ideas that will give you hope of making the best of every situation.
Andreas Seidl

Andreas Seidl

About the author
The author was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1984 and is a qualified political scientist and social pedagogue. He gained his professional experience in Brussels at the European Union, in Frankfurt at the stock exchange and in day care centres in the Rhine-Main area. He has been keeping a diary of ideas for over 20 years and in this book publishes all his previous political proposals for solutions in an overall concept.
As a passionate social researcher, he is interested in the concerns, lifestyles and ideas for the future of his fellow human beings. As a convinced democrat, he likes to go to demonstrations and activists to ask about their motivation and the causes. As an author, he endeavours to use restrained criticism, constructive solutions and understandable language.


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