Lean Six Sigma Techniques

Lean Six Sigma Techniques

Reference Book for Practical Work

Marlon A. Jaun

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The Lean Six Sigma approach is a framework with disciplines from different areas and interdisciplinary interfaces, with the aim of generating measurable processes with almost perfect results. It is about avoiding wasted time and resources, as well as statistical monitoring of the processes with variation reduction. The aim is to generate consistently very good processes at a high level with almost perfect quality.

This leaves more money for investments, market cultivation, securing jobs but also the satisfaction of shareholders and helps every company to secure its long-term existence.

Lean Six Sigma techniques help to stabilize process fluctuations that lead to poor quality, rework and rejects. The lean techniques for themselves help to reduce waste such as overproduction, high storage costs, transport times for material and personnel, but also the administrative effort.

This book is a masterpiece of Lean Six Sigma techniques combined with statistics and data science. It is possible to control business, manufacturing, service and administrative processes with one framework and with a statistical approach. They contain tools that you can use to pinpoint the cause of a problem. The Lean Six Sigma techniques as a framework can therefore be applied to almost everything.

Lean Six Sigma techniques follow the DMAIC framework (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control). It always starts with the definition phase, in which the problems are described and the goals are defined as measurable metrics. In every step there are tools with which one can achieve the goal.

Correlation, Regression, Multi regression analysis but Machine learning codes too, can be used to create predictive models. This makes it possible to better plan a production facility, market developments, and inventory levels.

In fact, the Lean Six Sigma method reduces process variability, improves quality, saves costs and improves business profits.

This book is the perfect reference work for business excellence leaders, process managers and Lean Six Sigma professionals on the job. It helps to find the right tools quickly, describes the background of a statistical approach for a better understanding and helps to select the right control charts for controlling a process, but also the formulas and calculations behind it.

There are also statistical tables in the appendix of the book. So there is no need to work with multiple books, this book will do.
Marlon A. Jaun

Marlon A. Jaun

Marlon A. Jaun has completed general management training with a focus on business engineering and business processes and is also Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certified, which is the highest level of training in the Lean Six Sigma system. He has years of experience in industry, in particular the chemical / pharmaceutical and energy industries, in which he has proven himself with diverse and complex improvement projects. With his additional studies in data science and statistics at Berkeley University, USA, he understands the data to analyse, monitor and optimize processes like no other. He knows how to skilfully combine different areas of knowledge so that an overall context is created.

Marlon A. Jaun
Business Process and Data Science Engineer

Graduated Executive MBA FH Business Engineering
Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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