Languages of Love. Life is a Story -

Languages of Love. Life is a Story -

Lara Nimmrichter

Romane & Erzählungen


64 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783710870668

Verlag: publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 08.08.2023

Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch

Farbe: Nein

18,00 €

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The five love languages - physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service & gift giving. One person may have different preferences than another, but there are always ways for them to meet somewhere in the middle.

Caleb is cuddly by nature and mainly shows his appreciation for his loved ones through physical touch. It only gets strange when one day his best friend Myles, usually one of the first people to push him off, starts reciprocating his affections out of seemingly nowhere. It leaves Caleb confused yet intrigued - and maybe his determination to figure out the reason for the sudden change in his friend's behavior will make him realize some things about his own feelings too along the way.
Lara Nimmrichter

Lara Nimmrichter

Lara Nimmrichter was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. She has enjoyed coming up with fantastical ideas and writing them down ever since she was a child and loves nothing more than pouring all her creative energy into her precious stories. Her passion for languages and anything related to them also got her a degree in linguistics.

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