A Practical Guide to Fair Recruiting Terms for a Cultural Education Team

Wencke Maderbacher

Wirtschaft & Management


104 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783902183286

Verlag: Technisches Museum Wien

Erscheinungsdatum: 13.05.2016

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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The term “cultural education” immediately conjures up images of interesting guided tours and fascinating workshops. But who actually works at this interface between the institution and the audience? And what are their working conditions like? How come salaried employment relationships are largely unheard of in this profession?
The Austrian Technisches Museum Wien demonstrates clearly that there is another way: in 2010, the contracts of the entire team of cultural educators were switched from freelance service to salaried. This change has since had massive impact on an organizational level as well as on the daily working structure. Communication is increased, administration becomes more efficient, the cultural educators benefit from real, professional training and can be promoted according to their specific needs. Exciting tours, workshops, educational sessions and other projects are created within the constructive environment of a professional team. A staff management strategy of this kind in the cultural sector, particularly in the field of cultural education, benefits all those involved – cultural educators, cultural institutions and visitors alike.
In this publication, you will find numerous suggestions and real-life examples to assist you in encouraging staff collaboration and organising your team.
Wencke Maderbacher

Wencke Maderbacher

Since 2006, Deputy Head of Department Wencke Maderbacher has played an important role in shaping educational work at the Technisches Museum Wien. Her work bridges a gap between the development of creative concepts and economic feasibility in the cultural education sector. In 2015 Wencke Maderbacher took over the office of ICOM CECA National Correspondence Austria.

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