Kiswahili exercise book 1

Kiswahili exercise book 1

Sebastian Müller

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ISBN-13: 9783752604016

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.04.2023

Sprache: Englisch, Swahili

Farbe: Nein

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You have already acquired basic Kiswahili grammar and vocabulary and would like to deepen both through exercises? Then this exercise book is just the right thing for you. It allows you to practise grammar and vocabulary step by step and to consolidate what you have learned.

As the first volume of the series 'Kiswahili Grammar and Vocabulary Training', you will find exercises for the following units:
1. Pronunciation
2. Verbs
3. The simple imperative
4. Greetings and farewells
5. Personal pronouns
6.1 Present 'to be'
6.2. Negate 'to be'
7. Introducing oneself
8. Nominal classes 1 (ki/vi and m/wa)
9. Genitive construction
10. Present 'to have'
11. Sentence formation with subject and predicate
12. Possessive pronouns

The exercise book is specially designed for independent training. PART 1 provides you with varied exercises on grammar, vocabulary and phrases. To enable you to check your learning, in PART 2 the solutions to the exercises are also provided.
Sebastian Müller

Sebastian Müller

Sebastian Müller lived in Tanzania for several years and learned Kiswahili through daily use on site and self-study. He deepened his language skills through language studies at the State University of Zanzibar. In Germany, he gained experience in teaching Kiswahili as a tutor at the University of Bayreuth and as a language teacher for Mission EineWelt. He is the author of various Kiswahili teaching materials in order to convey the language in a practical way to those who are interested in learning a new language and to support them in doing so.

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