Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Triumphant over the Seven World Empires

S. I. Courageous

Spiritualität & Esoterik


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JESUS CHRIST will come soon (Revelation 1:7).
He will return to bring an Eternal Kingdom of peace
and righteousness for Himself and for His beloved disciples.

Humankind, however, brought forth seven mighty World Empires:
Proud Egypt, cruel Assyria, the "golden, silver and bronze" Empires of Babylonia, Persia and Greece (Book of Daniel) and,
in recent times, the Empires of the Romans and the Arabs.
They all made life difficult for believers, but could not overcome Israel and the confessing church.

Now a last Empire, the eighth one, is just around the corner.
The Bible predicts: One of the seven World Empires will rise again from the abyss of history and try to seize Zion (Jerusalem) and the absolute power. But which one will it be?

Here comes the surprising answer to well-known scholars as Arnold Fruchtenbaum (The Footsteps of the Messiah) or Joel Richardson (The Islamic Antichrist; Mideast Beast; Mystery Babylon) - fresh from the land of the Reformation.

Courageous writes for watchful contemporaries in Europe and America. He refutes today`s lightly accepted origin of the End Time evil and shows that neither Rome nor Mecca are the main source of grief and evil. The New End Time Exegesis (NEE) provides an unusually clear and, at the same time, brighter future perspective for the Christians of the West.

Reader´s Voices

"The Revelation of John ... made easy."

"Can 450 million believers be wrong?"

"We Christians of the West are free again, free to do good - even though dark clouds are appearing on the horizon."

"A book that was born in Bethlehem."

Paperback Edition with eight maps of the Biblical World Empires complete with information on their spiritual character; history; geographical location and extension.
S. I. Courageous

S. I. Courageous

The author lives and works in Germany. He studied humanities and life sciences. But he studied more intensively the Word of God (The Bible) which gives the deepest insights into our future. Not everything people believe is true.

Like a Christian version of "Lieutenant Columbo", Courageous questions theories, checks statements, explores future scenarios -going to his work skillfully and with perseverance, combining investigation and inspiration. In the end the real End Time Murderer is identified - one of whom most of us might not have thought of.

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