ISCONTOUR 2024 Tourism Research Perspectives

ISCONTOUR 2024 Tourism Research Perspectives

Proceedings of the International Student Conference in Tourism Research

Christian Maurer, Hubert J. Siller

Wirtschaft & Management


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The International Student Conference in Tourism Research (ISCONTOUR) offers students a unique platform to present their research and establish a mutual knowledge transfer forum for attendees from academia, industry, government and other organisations.

The annual conference, which is jointly organized by the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and the Management Center Innsbruck, takes place alternatively at the locations Krems and Innsbruck.

The conference research chairs are Prof. (FH) Mag. Christian Maurer (University of Applied Sciences Krems) and Prof. (FH) Mag. Hubert Siller (Management Center Innsbruck).

The target audience include international bachelor, master and PhD students, graduates, lecturers and professors from the field of tourism and leisure management as well as businesses and anyone interested in cutting-edge research of the conference topic areas.

The proceedings of the 10th International Student Conference in Tourism Research include a wide variety of research topics, ranging from consumer behaviour, tourist experience, information and communication technologies, marketing, destination management, and sustainable tourism management.
Christian Maurer

Christian Maurer

Professor (FH) Mag. Christian Maurer is Head of the Institute for Tourism, Wine Business, and Marketing, as well as Programme Director for the Master programme Marketing at the IMC University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria. His areas of lecturing and research are Digital Marketing, E-Tourism, Marketing and Communication Management, Strategic Marketing Planning. Christian Maurer studied German Philology and Communication Sciences at the University of Vienna. From 1995-1998 he was Lecturer at the University of Hull in GB, where he also achieved a post-graduate diploma in "Applied Language and New Technologies". From 2000 to 2004 Christian Maurer worked for the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) in Vienna. In the position of Head of Information Management he was responsible for strategic planning and e-marketing, the ANTO's internet portal, and the holiday service center Christian Maurer has published several research papers, led international research projects and has held many presentations at international conferences. He is founder of the International Student Conference in Tourism Research (ISCONTOUR).


Hubert J. Siller

Hubert J. Siller

Prof. (FH) Hubert J. Siller, is the Head of the MCI Tourism Business Department at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), an Entreprenerial School/University in Austria since 2000. Apart from his vast teaching and research experience, he has more than 20 years consulting experience in the areas of tourism, destination management, leadership and business strategy and he is a well-known keynote speaker in the field of mountain tourism management. His current research interest encompasses analyses of trends and future developments in tourism, international winter sports markets and sustainable destination development.

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