Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management

MBA Essentials

Herman Blom, Harald Meier , IfTQ-CERT International Institute for Training Quality Certification (Ed.) (Hrsg.)

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ISBN-13: 9783754313701

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Erscheinungsdatum: 05.07.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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The book contains fundamentals of international corporate policy, communication and cultural concepts as well as an overview on the central functions of international HR Management, Leadership and Managing Diversity.

On the one hand, it represents the essential framework conditions and instruments of international corporate management as well as for managers in their responsibility managing departments or project teams with intercultural staff or stakeholders or being as an expat working abroad. In this way, a company, team or a manager can also gain intercultural experience of other diverse related differences as usable diversity potential.

The book is based on the 3rd edition of the German-language title of the same name by the Dutch-German team of authors with decades of experience in many countries in corporate projects, management training courses and study programs. The target group are primarily companies and managers, management training courses and study programs such as an MBA, General Management, Entrepreneurship or Project Management.
Herman Blom

Herman Blom

Herman Blom, Professor at NHL Stenden University in the Netherlands and has decades or experiences in lecturing in Business Schools and Universities of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands and in Germany. He is an author and co-author of many publications regarding communication, cooperation, culture and management.

Harald Meier

Harald Meier

As the author of numerous management publications Professor Harald Meier has decades of experiences as a manager and entrepreneur, trainer and lecturer, consultant and certifier in private Business and NGOs, in Universities and Business Schools world-wide.

IfTQ-CERT International Institute for Training Quality Certification (Ed.)

IfTQ-CERT International Institute for Training Quality Certification (Ed.) (Hrsg.)

The Institute for Training Quality Certification IfTQ-CERT is based on many years of experience in entrepreneurship and management training, especially in developing and emerging societies in India and sub-Saharan Africa for people in precarious living conditions as well as for migrants in Germany.
As a private academic institute, IfTQ-CERT advises and certifies quality standards in training programs and methodology or conducts such training workshops and programs itself.

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