Inspire Your Audience

Inspire Your Audience

How to wow people in your trainings, presentations and speeches

Edwin Lemke

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116 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783000523915

Verlag: Training By Understanding

Erscheinungsdatum: 26.02.2016

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Inspire Your Audience! – That is Edwin Lemke’s challenge for speakers, trainers and managers when delivering information to colleagues, trainees, apprentices or staff. And with this book, the international consultant and trainer provides many inspiring ideas, tools and practical tips.
How do you create an inspiring learning environment? And how can you ensure that your audience or training participants incorporate new knowledge into their daily working practice?
In his trainings in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Edwin Lemke has developed methods which work in intercultural settings. These methods are underpinned by a respectful, appreciative approach to other people – for we can only inspire others when we value them and achieve outstanding results in mutual cooperation.

“I, personally, take away many things from this book. I am very confident that I will be able to apply what I have learned in my everyday work.”
Alessandro Winkler
MAN Asia, Sales Administration, Planning and Processes

“All the hints and tools shown (especially the TED talks) gave me a broad insight and many ideas to improve my presentation.”
Jessica Schweiger
Manager Project Management Offi ce EMEA, TE Automotive

“What I liked about the training and the book probably I cannot describe in few words, but still let me try. At a personal level: You made me feel comfortable. You motivated me. You made me realize how to enjoy my work rather than just doing it.
From a trainer’s perspective: How to prepare myself before training. How to keep my trainees engaged. How to manage diffi cult situations. Different ways to portray the same things. And the list is long. Above all, how to make training successful for both trainer and trainee. Once again, thanks a lot for everything.”
Paresh Salian
Hapag-Lloyd India Pvt. Ltd., Manager Sales Execution
Edwin Lemke

Edwin Lemke

For many years, Edwin Lemke has been conducting training and workshops all over the world, for both medium-sized and large internationally established corporations.
His workshops and train-the-trainer learning programs are characterised by a stimulating learning atmosphere, based on mutual respect and esteem, and the implementation of the most up-to-date, successful methods of adult education.
As a member of the “Academy for Neuroscientific Education Management” (AFNB), Edwin integrates the latest leading-edge, effective learning concepts in his events. This way, his audiences not only learn the subject matter effectively, but they also enjoy an enriching and lasting learning experience – the testimonies of many delighted companies and participants bear witness to this.
Edwin teaches his core subject “appreciation” directly to business students at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany.

Appreciation, diligent attention, and respect for both the group and the individual learner are at the heart of Edwin’s training philosophy. These factors, combined with his intercultural competence and wealth of experience in international assignments, guarantee his training participants stimulating, effective, and durable learning experiences. In training, his antennae are set to receive and he effectively adjusts his content to deliver exactly what his audience needs – collectively and individually – to take their performance to the next level. His conviction: In adult learning, 15% is for trainer delivery – and 85% for participant activities. The upshot of this approach is an immediate learning upgrade and guaranteed transfer back in the real world. And this is the style in which Edwin writes his books: He addresses issues that most training participants encounter in their everyday working lives, and delivers effective solutions that readers can readily translate into practice.

He is the first trainer licenced to train and certify others as “Trainer in Business (AHK)”.

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