If I get this down,                                    I'll get it off my mind.. Life is a Story - story.one

If I get this down, I'll get it off my mind.. Life is a Story - story.one

Stephanie Radford


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ISBN-13: 9783710893971

Verlag: story.one publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 29.08.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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For as long as i can remember, writing has been my therapy.
I spent 10 years writing my thoughts, my problems, my highlights in journals.
My method to help me process and articulate my problems, was to write in poem form.
Inspired by my late Grandma who left behind her journals which i inherited, Her entries were all written in poetic verses.
I began to write and quickly found how much it helped me to find the words to understand my emotions better. I would write and write, close the book, and walk away with a freer mind.
'If I get this down, I'll get it off my mind' is a collection of those poems between 2014-2020 which, in retrospect and in the process of making this book, mean a great deal to me and my growth.
And now, finally, I'm ready to share.

Deep, Introspective, Funny, Reflective, Dark and Romantic.
A dedication to my younger self and anyone who is going through something that, in the moment, they may not quite understand.

Life is a journey, and here's a part of mine
Stephanie Radford

Stephanie Radford

Stephanie grew up in Wiltshire, England. After moving to Bristol to study Art and Media at university she went on to become a Hairdresser and has been mastering her trade for 11 years. Now based in Vienna, Austria, Stephanie has always had a passion for creative expression, especially when it comes to words, lyricism and poetry. Stephanie draws inspiration from her life experiences, her travels, her loves and loses and the many people she meets and interacts with on a daily basis.
An introspective extrovert, Stephanie loves to explore life. Present for the fun parts and the challenging parts, growth and understanding is one of the main inspirations for her creative outlet.

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