HubSpot Certification Guide

HubSpot Certification Guide

The entire preparation for the HubSpot Tool Certification in 8 days

Patrick Reichert-Young, Yvonne Tischler, Matthias Rothkoegel

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ISBN-13: 9783743113008

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 18.11.2016

Sprache: Englisch

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Dive into the worldwide 1st HubSpot Certification Guide to get HubSpot certified in only 8 days! Learn how to not only use the tool but also understand the Inbound Marketing terminology in this extensive summary. With two chapters each day, you will be able to pass the HubSpot Certification without the need of consuming the whole HubSpot Academy content in every detail.

The structure of this guide is following the official HubSpot (Tool) Certification and the related courses. It provides the context and explains all relevant functionalities of the HubSpot Marketing Software in 16 separate sections, plus a summary on the Inbound Methodology, which has been put in front as Section 0. With a time investment of approx. 3 hours per day the entire preparation for the HubSpot Certification can be completed within 8 days, corresponding to two chapters per day.

Preparing you with precise wording based on the HubSpot Certification and technical screenshots from the tool itself, this guide will train you in all necessary fields concerning Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation.

Get certified - now.
Patrick Reichert-Young

Patrick Reichert-Young

Artist, stage director, author, content writer and creative director. Patrick Reichert-Young is fueled by stories, people and emotions - exactly what Marketing is all about. Next to technical implementation it really comes down to the concrete realization when you want to turn strangers into customers. The HubSpot Inbound technology is where he especially feels at home and can support with any request concerning storytelling.

Yvonne Tischler

Yvonne Tischler

Born in Düsseldorf, but raised in Marketing - that is how you could describe Yvonne Tischler best. With half a decade of experience in Online Marketing she sets a special focus on implementation of Marketing Automation solutions and quickly became an allrounder for Lead Management, Content Marketing and Inbound Strategy. It is hard to find her not clicking through HubSpot, but when you do she probably looks out for the newest trends and turns for extraordinary Marketing.

Matthias Rothkoegel

Matthias Rothkoegel

It may sound cheesy, but there is hardly anything that Matthias Rothkoegel cannot do: His experience as a B2B Marketing Consultant reaches so far back in time that he has a solution for pretty much every scenario. New ways of thinking, individual approaches and a true passion for Marketing are what made him known across international borders. HubSpot is one of Matthias' most favorite marketing tools to drive Inbound Marketing and to engage people in meaningful online dialogues.

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