HR Management & Leadership

HR Management & Leadership

MBA Essentials

Harald Meier

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ISBN-13: 9783750498532

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Erscheinungsdatum: 02.01.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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Every organisation, whether for profit or as non-profit, needs motivated employees. HR Management is often not seen as a core function and most managers do not receive a systematic and sustainable leadership training either.

In this book, the essential basics of modern HR Management and Leadership are presented systematically and always with practical examples.

The focus is on the scope of action as a manager responsible on any hierarchical and process level or in HR Management. Step-by-step, to understand HR Management and Leadership policy, strategies and concepts as well as for current challenges in International Management, in 4.0 and in Social Business.

The target group are graduates and specialists who are systematically preparing for a new management position (e.g. in a General Management or MBA program), consultants, management trainer and lecturers.
Harald Meier

Harald Meier

As the author of numerous management publications, Professor Harald Meier has decades of experiences as a manager and entrepreneur, management trainer and consultant, and as a certifier in private Business, NGOs and Business Schools world-wide.

The income of the books in this series of publications got to the charity foundation ( to provide shelter and education for street children in DR Congo.

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