Houseboat Small Talk

Houseboat Small Talk

Chat about houseboat travel in Germany

Torsten Krone



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Erscheinungsdatum: 16.05.2021

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The book "Houseboat Small Talk" is on the German market since 2015 and has been released completely revised and updated in 2020. Meanwhile it is a basic book for all topics around waterways, canals and house boating. Already one hundred years ago the first English water tourists reached Germany with their boats, in order to explore the diversity of lakes, rivers and canals in the Northeast. Today you can follow suit in comfortable houseboats on upgraded waterways, and you can moor at modern marinas or romantic mooring spots. Houseboat Small Talk offers the perfect instruction to this. Have you ever played with the thought to go on a holiday, where you can relax on a houseboat, going over canals, rivers and lakes? The Northeast of Germany offers a vast and very diverse area of different waterways with an interesting and long history. The book by Torsten Krone is full to the brim with valuable tips, useful information, historical data and entertaining anecdotes around the topic of house boating. From the initial planning stages to the return of the boat at the end of a holiday, the author takes you by the hand without forgetting any detail. On the basis of the in 2020 completely revised and updated version, this information is now also available for English speaking readers. In the process, many characteristics of German houseboat areas are discussed at length and regulations on German waterways clarified professionally. Thereby, international readers are equipped optimally for a houseboat holiday in Germany.
Torsten Krone

Torsten Krone

Torsten Krone, a keen house boater, was born in Saxony-Anhalt in 1964 and lives today in Saxony. Since 2005 he has frequently traveled European inland waters with family and friends. Practise shows, every trip is a new adventure and small mishaps can still happen, even to experienced boaters. Sometimes these are of technical, more often of human nature. He started to write down his trip adventures and experiences several years ago and since then has published several books about various houseboat areas. In doing so, he is in particular interested to emphasise the link to cultural history in his descriptions. However, his books are not limited to house boating only, but also explore questions of human and social life in form of blog reports.

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