Healing the Homeopathic Way

Healing the Homeopathic Way

Uniting Shamanism, Alchemy and Modern Science

Jörg Wichmann

Gesundheit, Ernährung & Fitness


192 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783933760098

Verlag: Fagus Verlag

Erscheinungsdatum: 02.01.2020

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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Homeopathy works, heals and is easy to explain and understand. All that is needed is a change of perspective to a scientific paradigm that suits homeopathy and on which basis its laws make sense.

In the current discussion about the effectiveness of homeopathy, this book gives clear answers and illuminates the historical, philosophical and scientific backgrounds of this holistic medicine. It shows that there is much more to it than a healing method.

Homeopathy offers a medical alternative that does not produce resistant germs, does not bring hormones and toxins into the body and the environment, and due to its minimal consumption of resources is sustainable, inexpensive and can be used worldwide.

Homeopathy is a healing method that moves between the worlds of modern science and the traditional holistic paths and can contribute the best from both sides. It developed an accuracy of observation, documentation and knowledge of remedies, as well as an international exchange of experience, as is only known from modern sciences. And it builds on the depth of the intuition of the practitioners, on the direct encounter with the essence of the remedies and on an understanding of the life force as only the holistic traditions cultivate. Only those who see both sides can truly understand homeopathy and use or exercise its full potential.
Jörg Wichmann

Jörg Wichmann

Jörg Wichmann, *1958, studied cultural sciences, philosophy and psychology (M.A.). After a long engagement in the alternative cultural scene of the 80-90s - bookseller, publisher, author, networker, speaker - he now lives with his family near Cologne, Germany, where he runs a homeopathic practice, writes and holds seminars.

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