Green Claims

Green Claims

A synopsis of the legal framework and examples for "green" initiatives of the food industry in the European Union and selected other countries

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Erscheinungsdatum: 02.06.2014

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"Green claims“" for food products are used to advertise specific efforts of Food Businesses to protect the environment, the well-being of animals, and enhance fair trade. Green labelling has emerged in many countries, even though in most countries national legislation or specific regulations for such claims are still missing. However, green claims on food products constitute food information and have to comply with the general food law principle not to mislead the consumer.
This synopsis compiles country reports from Members of the Food Lawyers Network Worldwide on the legal framework for "green labelling" in their own country and in addition gathers some examples and experiences of initiatives of the food industry how to highlight ecological achievements.

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 Food Lawyers Network worldwide

Food Lawyers Network worldwide (Hrsg.)

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