Golf Mental Coins

Golf Mental Coins

Intensive Golf Mental Training

Heiko Hansen

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Sport, Wellness & Beauty


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ISBN-13: 9783748167303

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Erscheinungsdatum: 12.11.2018

Sprache: Englisch

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Are you looking for effective training equipment to optimize your "mental golf game"? Finally play mentally strong and stable? With the Golf Mental training program described here you will succeed!
The University of Chicago was able to demonstrate in a study that golfers who think as little as possible about the game and need less time for the shot are more successful. They almost play hypno-golf.
In the varied exercises shown, the mental training, which is rather perceived as passive, is actively and systematically combined with the GOLFtraining - from correct golf breathing to the mental task of speed golf. For golfers and trainers, this is an inspiring variant of a mental golf training. Also ideal for a training camp.
All exercises are peppered with different options. So it never gets boring. With mental coin lists, the training performance is always kept in view. These can be compared and thus lead to the desired success. The tournament players will quickly want to play out a "Mental GOLF Master". Your new mental strengths will quickly establish themselves in the tournament.
Heiko Hansen

Heiko Hansen

Heiko Hansen verfügt als Senior-Coach, Mediator und Fachautor seit über 25 Jahren über Erfahrungen im Coaching von Talenten - im Sport, in der Pädagogik wie im Business! /


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