George and the Golden Letterseed

George and the Golden Letterseed

Saving the Inglish Language

Paul Boothroyd

Science Fiction & Fantasy


122 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783982365923

Verlag: Paul Boothroyd

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.07.2023

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

7,99 €

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A tale of friendship and courage set in the magical kingdom of mediaeval Ingland where a hungry dragon is threatening the very future of the Inglish language. As the giant beast devours the fruits of the Alphabet Tree, letters start disappearing from the spoken and written language of the local people. Clearly, that dragon must be stopped. Enter George and his trusty terrier, Yorrick. Can they outwit the dragon and save the day for King Boris the Bold?
Paul Boothroyd

Paul Boothroyd

I guess you could say languages are my life. I was born in the UK, moved to Germany at the age of 25 and have since settled in the beautiful Rems valley, a 20-minute drive from Stuttgart. I studied Modern Languages at Oxford and my wife and I run our own translation business, assisted by the office cat. Like so many parents, I spent endless hours reading to our children or making up stories for them. Now, as I morph from father to grandfather, it's time to get some of those tales down on paper. And coming full circle, as an author I've made languages one key theme of my stories. Ironically, in "George and the Golden Letterseed" I may have written the ultimate untranslatable book. At the very least it will take a huge amount of creative input from anyone setting out to produce a version in another language. Maybe I should ask George; he seems to have a gift for languages, as we'll see once again in the next story in the series, "George and the Poison Arrow" - watch out for it!


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