Gentleman Gung Fu

Gentleman Gung Fu

A guide for a peaceful way of life for every human being

Attilio Reale

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Gentleman Gung Fu is a method developed by Attilio Reale that trains not only your body but also your mind.

Attilio Reale looks back on more than 40 years of intensive Kung Fu training, with an increased focus on teaching Ving Tsun martial arts since the beginning. He has many years of didactic experience and was trained for many years in Hong Kong by the legendary teacher
Wong Shun Leung.

He developed his method through his clear recollections, his intuition, his knowledge, and understanding, the impulses of his soul, his spirit, and from his connection to his spiritual family members. He has recognized the knowledge, and understanding of laws, such as, for example, karma - the law of cause, and effect - interaction. He teaches the Energetic Flow of Power, a method of experiencing one's expansion of consciousness within oneself, as well as the interplay of agility, flexibility, inner steadfastness, and the ability to stand on different points of view.

This guidebook should be a faithful companion for you ...
Attilio Reale

Attilio Reale

l am Attilio Reale, and I came in contact with self-defense, martial arts, and Kung Fu very early in my life. Kung Fu and Ving Tsun became my passion. I trained for hours day, and night, and spent several years in Hong Kong to deepen my teaching, practice, and experience with Master Wong Shun Leung.

Added to this later was meditation, which added more levels to my study of being here. From all these approaches I developed my method - Gentleman Gung Fu - which trains not only your body but also your mind.

I am glad if I can be of help to you with my guidebook.


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