From Challenges to Opportunities

From Challenges to Opportunities

Outcomes of the research project “Counselling in the Field of Disability”

Negin Shah Hosseini, Pauline Runge, Joachim Schroeder

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ISBN-13: 9783756269495

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Erscheinungsdatum: 28.06.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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The articles compiled in this publication present the findings from an international interdisciplinary project on counselling in the field of disability. The research was conducted over a four-year period during a dialogue between six universities in Iraq, Iran and Germany. The participating researchers contributed their expertise from the fields of special education, social work and psychology. The internationality and diversity of the project group additionally enabled an interdisciplinary approach to the subjects of disability and counselling. The challenges and opportunities in these areas were determined and compared during a differentiated analysis of the counselling structures in the fields of action of family counselling, career counselling and university counselling. The articles thus reflect a range of different professional perspectives and regional contexts, along with the authors’ individual points of view.
Negin Shah Hosseini

Negin Shah Hosseini

Pauline Runge

Pauline Runge

Joachim Schroeder

Joachim Schroeder

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