From a Child Soldier to a humanitarian

From a Child Soldier to a humanitarian

The journey of turning scars to a star

Ishmeal Alfred Charles

Geschichte & Biografien


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ISBN-13: 9783757886042

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 29.09.2023

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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During the turmoil last years of the 20th century, Sierra Leone was plagued by a devastating civil war. Ishmeal, a young boy at the time, tragically fell into the hands of rebel forces and was forced into the harrowing life of a child soldier. However, fortune smiled upon him, and he miracu- lously managed to escape and reunite with his family. These traumatic experiences deeply impacted Ishmeal, fueling his desire to dedicate his life to humanitarian work, assisting those facing adversity. With an unwavering deter- mination and the firm support of his resilient mother and various mentors, Ishmeal successfully pursued his ambiti- ous dream. In his book, he recounts his journey, shedding light on his career and the invaluable life lessons he has learned along the way.
Ishmeal Alfred Charles

Ishmeal Alfred Charles

Ishmeal Alfred Charles is not just a survivor of Sierra Leones brutal civil war, he is a symbol of resilience. Abducted by rebels at the tender age of 9, he bore witness to unspeakable horrors. Instead of being broken, these experiences ignited a determination within him. He resolved to be a force for positive change in his community and country, aspiring to uplift rather than destroy.
Beginning his journey with the Network Movement for Justice and Development, Charles championed economic justice through the Just Mining campaign and empowered youth in the Mano River region. His path then led to the Center for Coordination of Youth Activities, where he became a driving force for youth involvement and engagement. He advocated for the voice of the young, playing a pivotal role in reshaping national youth policy and even establishing the Young Leaders Fund for HIV.
His passion for constructive participation and decision-making earned him a seat as the youth representative on the ENCISS Programmatic Board and an advisory role for the Womens Refugee Commissions Out of School Youth Initiative program.
At present, Charles is the In-Country Program Manager Sierra Leone for the Healey International Relief Foundation. Collaborating with Caritas Freetown, he oversees and guides their joint programs. His journey of education took him from St. Edwards Primary School to the Prince of Wales and eventually to Fourah Bay College, where he studied Peace and Conflict Studies. He further honed his expertise with a Diploma in International Humanitarian Affairs from Fordham University. In 2021, he enrolled at York St John University in the United Kingdom where has has completed his MBA in Leadership and Management.
In a critical juncture during the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak, Charles was called upon by the U.S. Senate. He shared the gravity of the situation, its challenges, and the heroic efforts in Sierra Leone. His heartfelt testimony resonated deeply, prompting action. Thanks to his advocacy, the U.S. Senates decision led to the deployment of the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) to the affected regions.
At the time of publishing this book, Ishmeal is actively involved with three organizations simultaneously: The Sick Pikin Project, the Healey International Relief Foundation and Caritas Freetown.

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