FMEA konkret

FMEA konkret

Preventive risk analysis concretely with FMEA plus. The series of successful developers, trainers and presenters.

Martin Werdich (Hrsg.)

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ISBN-13: 9783946073024

Verlag: FMEAplus Akademie Gmbh

Erscheinungsdatum: 12.10.2015

Sprache: Englisch

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Many FMEA moderators and developers are sent to basic training directly to the front, left alone with many questions that only appear during the detailed discussions. The consequences are often heterogeneous and incompatible methods - even within a company.
Our aim is to provide you with this series of books, which include also the latest developments in the methodology and know-how of experienced moderators for top professionals as well as for beginners. Furthermore, we intend to actively promote the networking of FMEA facilitators and advance and unify the methodology (s).
FMEA - Introduction and moderation: This book will help you to understand and apply the methodology FMEA as well as some of the related matters. It sweeps away with the prejudice, FMEA would be "just" a quality tool that is carried out by quality specialists. Rather, the FMEA can be used in any industry as a tool to highly predictable, transparent and goal-oriented implementation of products, projects, tasks and services. The structured approach supports troubleshooting, thus creating new ways of thinking (preventive quality assurance methodology and risk analysis).
When used correctly, you will save time, money and capacity.

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Martin Werdich

Martin Werdich (Hrsg.)

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Werdich graduated at FH Weingarten as a mechanical engineer. He worked for several years as a developer and project manager in reputed companies.
As FMEA moderator, methods trainer- and coach he gives lectures on expert forums and specialist events.
Since 2006, he leads an engineering office ( with a focus on facilitation of FMEA projects with major international corporations.
2012 Martin founded Werdich together with Stefan Dapper the FMEAplus Akademie GmbH, where are offered high-quality, proven FMEA trainings and FMEA coaching from basic to expert level.

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