Fire! In the Wadden Sea...

Fire! In the Wadden Sea...

Or what the fauna of the North Sea urgently wants to tell us

Sven Gehrmann

Natur- & Humanwissenschaften


176 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783751976688

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 06.08.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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A heat wave works its way under the sea surface with increasing speed from south to north. The season "winter" obviously did not take place at all in the southern North Sea at the turn of the year from 2019 to 2020...
The temperature measurements of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency in Germany speak volumes. Actually, there should be alarm sirens going off all day long...
A further indication of the climate catastrophe can be found under the sea surface: namely the shift of the fauna of the English Channel to the north, which is now beginning to establish itself on our coasts in the German Bight.
This work takes a closer look at several known and lesser known species of invertebrates and fish and places them in the context of climate change. It provides various convincing arguments against all deniers of the climate catastrophe, which is already subtly announced by the faunal change...
Sven Gehrmann

Sven Gehrmann

Sven Gehrmann, born in 1969, a native Berliner, who currently lives in Norden near Norddeich on the coast of Lower Saxony, has been involved with everything that lives under water since childhood. He has always been particularly interested and fascinated by crustaceans and fish. Since 1983 he is an enthusiastic hobby aquarist and nature fan of our native aquatic animals, especially the North Sea animals. So far, he has published various articles in aquaristic journals, ranging from North Sea animals to articles about anemone fish and various crustaceans. This was followed by publications on the fauna of the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, an eco-thriller and several volumes of poetry. In his publications he never minces his words and calls a spade a spade, as obviously nobody else does. In doing so, he takes no account whatsoever of a false sense of "political correctness", which has been successfully installed everywhere here to maintain the appearance of decency and freedom of opinion. On the other hand, he focuses on real "ecological correctness", even if it seems to be still in its infancy. And with it he makes himself unpopular to the one or the other institution. Sven Gehrmann is an avowed non-partisan democrat and sees himself as a neutral contemporary. In addition, he sees himself as a poet, thinker, philosopher, idealist and as a declared Protestant against today's world order which is hostile to nature, man and God. However, he distances himself from any form of fanaticism and sees himself as a friend of all those, who wish to make a constructive contribution to the preservation of our modern nature. Therefore, he also maintains contacts with alternative civil movements and is in constant dialogue with various interesting people from many spectrums of our society. His motto is: "Make friends and look what`s happening."
You can find him on the Internet at: WW.NORDSEEFAUNA.ORG.

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