Feng-Shui for Beginners

Feng-Shui for Beginners

Physical and Magical Place Design

Harry Eilenstein

Spiritualität & Esoterik


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Erscheinungsdatum: 20.05.2021

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Feng Shui is the knowledge of how to grasp the quality of a place and shape it according to one's own ideas with the help of physical and magical methods.
Feng Shui is therefore related to geomancy, leyline lore, dowsing and pendulum. However, there are also close and very direct connections to crop circles, knowledge of acupuncture meridians, chakras, astrology, dragons in myths, and much more - which may not be immediately apparent at first glance.
The method of recognizing the quality of a place is as precise as a science - certain forms can be clearly assigned to certain qualities. This analytical approach is then complemented by magical methods such as dream journeys, clairvoyance, family constellations, tarot cards, and the like.
Imprinting the life force of a place is ultimately the same as charging a talisman or consecrating a temple.
One should not overestimate the influence of places, but one should also not underestimate the benefit of shaping a place according to one's own ideas. In such a materially and magically designed place, one can do what one wants to do in an effortless way.
And why not make life a little easier for yourself?
Harry Eilenstein

Harry Eilenstein

I was born in 1956 and have been intensively involved in magic, religion, meditation, astrology, psychology and related subjects for 45 years now. Meanwhile I have written about 190 books and about 50 articles for various magazines.
Since 2007, I have expanded my decades-long avocation and am now a full-time life coach. This includes the actual consultations, but also the interpretation of horoscopes, healings, rituals, sweat lodges, firewalkings, help with haunted houses and other "magical problems", training in meditation and Feng Shui and much more. On my website www.HarryEilenstein.de you can find some of my articles and also a detailed curriculum vitae.

Website: www.HarryEilenstein.de

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