FEEL GREAT: It's Your Decision!

FEEL GREAT: It's Your Decision!

How to Change your Feelings by Deciding How YOU Like To Feel

Stephan Szugat

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Erscheinungsdatum: 26.05.2021

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Discover the power within yourself to make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life with Stephan Szugat's book. As a former Interim-Manager for Finance & Accounting, Stephan knows the value of utilizing what you already have instead of constantly searching for something new. This book will guide you in refocusing your mindset, especially during tough times, and help you become a more positive and loving person. With practical exercises and an easy-to-read format, you'll learn how to take control of your feelings and make smart decisions for both your business and personal life.

Are you tired of allowing your feelings to dictate your happiness? It's time to take charge and make a decision to feel great, regardless of your environment or circumstances. This book will show you how to break free from the cycle of depending on external factors for your emotions. By understanding that you have the power to choose how you feel, you can make a conscious decision to feel different at any moment. While it may not always be easy, this book provides the tools and guidance you need to start experiencing the joy and positivity that come from within yourself.

Unleash the true potential of your decisions with this empowering book. Whether you're seeking personal growth or looking to improve your business strategies, this book offers valuable insights and practical exercises to help you make better choices. By realizing that every moment is an opportunity to decide how you feel, you can break free from the limitations imposed by external circumstances. Take the leap and discover the immense power you hold within yourself. It's time to decide - will you let negativity rule your life, or will you make the decision to FEEL GREAT? The choice is yours.
Stephan Szugat

Stephan Szugat

Stephan Szugat is a former Interim-Manager for Finance & Accounting. And for some time now he is a Coach, a Writer and even more.

From his past business experiences he knows how to use what is available at any given moment - meaning there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Start with what you have right now - it might be
more than you think.

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