Estimation of Flexibility Potentials in Active Distribution Networks

Estimation of Flexibility Potentials in Active Distribution Networks

Daniel Contreras

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The feasible operation region (FOR) allows capturing the aggregated flexibility potential of DER within radial distribution networks, while respecting the technical restrictions of both plants and grid. This thesis proposes a novel approach to compute the FOR, the Linear Flexibility Aggregation (LFA) method, based on the solution of a sequence of linear OPF. With the objective of reducing the computation time, without compromising the accuracy of the assessed FOR. It is shown that the proposed method provides a considerable reduction in processing time compared to similar methods, e.g. Monte-Carlo simulations or non-linear OPF-based methods.
Daniel Contreras

Daniel Contreras

Daniel Alfonso Contreras Schneider was born in 1987 in Santiago, Chile. Received his Electrical Engineering degree from the Universidad de Chile in 2012. In 2016 he received the M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and IT from the University of Stuttgart. He obtained in 2021 his PhD degree at the Institute for Power Transmission and High Voltage Technology of the University of Stuttgart.

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