Encounters That Will Change your Life: Based on a True Story

Encounters That Will Change your Life: Based on a True Story

Kadir Demir

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ISBN-13: 9783757845261

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 31.07.2023

Sprache: Deutsch

Farbe: Nein

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In "Encounters That Will Change Your Life" we accompany Kadir on his quest for true fulfillment and happiness. As a successful businessman, Kadir seems to have achieved everything in life, but despite his success, he feels an inner void and dissatisfaction.

On his journey, Kadir encounters the charismatic homeless man, Michael, who deeply touches him with his serenity and joy for life. Although Michael himself possesses few material possessions, he seems to find an inner fulfillment that fascinates Kadir. The two men become friends, and Michael becomes a mentor for Kadir, helping him to change his perspective on life.

Together, they explore various aspects of life and the human experience. They discuss societal norms and the pressure one often faces to lead a conventional life. Michael shares his own life story with Kadir, recounting the challenges that led him to homelessness.

Through their encounters and conversations, Kadir begins to reassess his life. He realizes that true fulfillment does not lie in external wealth but in the willingness to share love and compassion. Michael inspires Kadir to take responsibility for his own happiness and to shape his life according to his own vision.

As Kadir detaches himself from societal expectations and material possessions, he discovers a deeper connection to himself and to others. He realizes that life is about authenticity and following one's own dreams and values rather than conforming to external standards.

"Encounters That Will Change Your Life" is an inspiring novel about the search for true fulfillment, self-discovery, and the courage to follow one's own path. It encourages readers to recognize their own dreams, follow their hearts, and discover the true meaning of happiness.
Kadir Demir

Kadir Demir

Kadir Demir is a Turkish/German author and writer. He is known for his bestsellers "A self-love catalog" and "Emotional freedom journal".

Kadir Demir grew up in poor circumstances as the youngest son of seven children. He first graduated from secondary school and continued his education by attending junior high school. He then obtained his vocational baccalaureate in the commercial field.

In 2021, Kadir Demir made his name known as an author. He published two bestsellers, "A self-love catalog" and "Emotional freedom journal". "A self-love catalog" reached the first place in seven different categories and "Emotional freedom journal" reached the second place.

Kadir Demir leads a quiet life and resides in Esslingen, having moved there from Reutlingen in 2019. He is mostly engaged in work about mindfulness, spirituality and emotional intelligence.

Kadir Demir has made an important contribution in the field of personal development and emotional intelligence with his books. His works have inspired numerous people to explore self-love and emotional freedom. Through his writing and authentic approach, he has gained a large readership and continued to expand his influence in this field. Instagram: ein_poet_official

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