Emotional and Mental Joyfulness in Partnership

Emotional and Mental Joyfulness in Partnership

Ways out of the crisis with the partnership test

Doris Richter

Selbsthilfe & Recht


244 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783748142119

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 20.12.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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This book provides the reader with a treatise about order and its structures within the partnership. To become aware of these structures, to consider their profound sense, and to gain a spiritual benefit from them is always a dynamic process, and an extremely touching one at that, a process that can certainly bring progress to we humans.
We humans are highly complex beings. Great teachers, mystics, wise men and the various religious leaders of the past have referred to the human being as the Crown of Creation. In any case, for all those of us who may perhaps not yet be ready, able or willing to understand this to the full, he is a microcosm within a macrocosm. For this reason, his inner is reflected into the outer world, and the outer, quite turbulent world surrounding him is also often reflected on the inside. The human being is the sum of body, soul and mind.
Between them, life always works its way down to his inner being, while he is moved by his feelings on the outside. This is also an expression of the life of his inner soul in the physical world. His moods, which are always moved by his feelings and which never leave him in peace, are what create the opinions and different attitudes within him, which give birth to them, maintain them and let them die again.
Every person has his very own moods and feelings, and these colour him in his special, very personal light, yet they are also able to darken him. They are like the mercury in the small glass tube that indicates the temperature, and, whether we want this or not, these moods repeatedly interconnect with the people around us, forming an alliance with each other. We all form a large net of feelings and, naturally, this also influences and shapes our common spiritual net. Feelings and emotions chain us, and they sometimes bind us together very strongly, and often very painfully. If we start to clear them, however, they will help us to practice our ability to exercise understanding and tolerance. In this way, we will learn that our ability to love can free us from one another. Detachment becomes the foundation-stone for a new kind of living in a loving manner and, at the end of this process, we will have fully understood it: our heart has given us freedom; we have found it again through our heart.
Doris Richter

Doris Richter

Doris Richter ist seit über 35 Jahren mit medizinischen Themen, besonders im Bereich der Komplementärmedizin und Naturheilkunde und mit der Entwicklung von natürlichen Heilmitteln beschäftigt.
Seit über 30 Jahren führt Doris Richter als Heilpraktikerin eine Praxis für Komplementärmedizin und Naturheilverfahren in der Schweiz und entwickelte u. a. die Baum-Essenzen und diverse natürliche Komplexmittel zur Förderung der Gesundheit und Unterstützung, als einer der Vorreiterinnen auch im Besonderen in der komplementären Zahnmedizin.
Als Autorin schrieb Doris Richter (Verlag JOY-Edition/CH) zahlreiche Bücher über ganzheitliches Heilen, referierte über große Vorbilder der Menschheitsgeschichte und verfasste mehrere Bücher speziell über die Sprache der Symbole sowie Hörbücher mit Symbolgeschichten zur Förderung einer ausgeglichenen psychosomatischen Situation des Menschen in gesunden und kranken Tagen.
Seit 25 Jahren bildet Doris Richter Therapeuten im Bereich der spirituellen Homöopathie und Baumheilkunde sowie der komplementären Zahnmedizin aus.
Zahlreiche weitere Bücher von Doris Richter sind im Buchhandel sowie in Online-Shops (z.B. Amazon) erhältlich, ebenso zahlreiche E-Books.
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