Driven by the deep need

Driven by the deep need

Noah Fakiier, Lutz Knoche

Erotische Literatur


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ISBN-13: 9783753400884

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Erscheinungsdatum: 17.06.2021

Sprache: Englisch

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This also includes polygamous and bisexual fantasies. They are a product of evolution. This affects both men and women. A man confesses to his wife that he has fallen in love with another man, but that he is going to get married soon. You then embark on a path full of new erotic experiences. Three young adolescents embark on their sexual journey of discovery together and experience something previously unimaginable for them, and then everything turns out differently than they had imagined at the beginning. Two girls are deeply disappointed by the boys with whom they had their first experiences and discover how fulfilling sex can be for them in the pleasurable get-together with each other. Two school friends collect their first sexual experiences in exciting, pleasurable games. While one is happy and satisfied with it, the other gets to know a girl, and their friendship is put to the test.
In their erotic stories, the authors illuminate a wide range of sexuality in an entertaining and unbiased manner. You thus contribute to a higher process of understanding and knowledge. In Prologues, Lutz Knoche gives information on the subject of bisexuality today. While Noah Fakier presents erotic stories about it, enriching this extraordinary book with 27 miniature drawings.
Noah Fakiier

Noah Fakiier

The author Noah Fakier from Berlin writes homoerotic and bisexual love stories. His message is: With the eyes of love, all people are beautiful and unique. No matter where they come from, what gender or age they are. It is universal bliss and therefore a driving force in our life. In his stories, eroticism, and passion play just as natural a role as feelings, longing, adventure, and humor. His drawings on these topics, which he shows in many stories or published as calendars and drawing portfolios, are now enjoying increasing popularity internationally.

Lutz Knoche

Lutz Knoche

Dr. Lutz Knoche worked for many years as a psychotherapist and coach. For several years he has started to write guides based on his knowledge and practical experience. In his books, he includes case studies from his practice and presents proven exercises for immediate help. In addition to classical psychology, he has developed therapeutic hypnosis and bioenergetic methods and applied them successfully. He worked with many people from all walks of life, with socially disadvantaged young people, couples, young entrepreneurs in success coaching, politicians, entrepreneurs, managers, and artists. Now he mainly wants to make his knowledge and experience accessible to many people through publications.

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