Determining Consumer Behaviour in the Catering Industry

Determining Consumer Behaviour in the Catering Industry

A Case Study Of Starbucks UK

Viktoria Schoja

Wirtschaft & Management


56 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783960670223

Verlag: Anchor Academic Publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.06.2016

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Due to the high supply on the market, companies have to investigate and understand customer needs in order to adapt their products or services and to be competitive within the highly rival market. It is also crucial to avoid any unethical behaviour, as this may lead to retrogressive turnover.
This book focuses on the investigation of factors which determine consumer behaviour within the catering industry. To concretise this extensive area, this work will concentrate on Starbucks’ tax avoidance in the United Kingdom in December 2012.
As there are no relevant or current reports on Starbucks’ tax avoidance and customer behaviour, the primary research on this issue will be done in this work. However, the literature review provides a comprehensive overview of relevant landmark studies of customer satisfaction and previous research on customer behaviour within the catering industry.
By means of a self-provided conceptual framework and an appropriate methodology a quantitative online questionnaire was created and implemented.
Viktoria Schoja

Viktoria Schoja

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