Dear Earth, take Care!

Dear Earth, take Care!

Erich Schröder

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Erscheinungsdatum: 10.05.2021

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Can humanity still control climate change?
Do we have to apologize to our grandchildren?
Why are politicians failing in this crisis?

This book is not a scientific treatise on climate change and other environmental problems. Rather, it is a very personal reflection on the current situation of people on Earth, inspired by news and discussions from print media, TV and books from 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

The author, a physician, engineer and political journalist, sees humanity as technically and intellectually capable of solving our actual and urgent environmental problems. In terms of implementation, he recognizes some positive efforts and trends, but also a political inability of the world community to initiate solutions together. His appeal and proposal are for a pragmatic approach by politicians to avert the impending catastrophe for humanity.
Erich Schröder

Erich Schröder

Book author Dr. Erich Schröder is a physician, graduate engineer and political journalist. He has cared for patients in hospital and in his own practice and has been active in emergency medical services. His research activities were related to the effects of traffic noise on humans.

Dr. Schröder's varied other professional activities included
- Management of an environmental protection association,
- Head of corporate communications for a pharmaceutical company,
- Management of a medical law working group,
- Founding and management of a health policy association.

Numerous professional and private trips have taken him in particular to North-, Central- and South-America.

To date, the following books by Dr. Erich Schröder have been published by BoD-Verlag:

- Arzt werden (2017);
- Das Haus (2019), The House (2020);
- Begegnungen in Peru (2020), Encounters in Peru (2020);
- Liebe Erde, dann mach´s mal gut! (2021), Dear Earth, take Care! (2021).

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