Cultivating a culture of experimentation in higher-education teaching and learning

Cultivating a culture of experimentation in higher-education teaching and learning

Evaluation of recent experiences and transfer to the new-normal

Robert Kordts (Hrsg.), Dietrich Wagner (Hrsg.), Claudio Sidler (Hrsg.), Karen Tinsner-Fuchs (Hrsg.), Bernadette Dilger (Hrsg.), Taiga Brahm (Hrsg.)

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As indicated by the diversity of the authors' physical locations, COVID and emergency-remote teaching affected Higher-Education-Institutions at a nearly global scale. Authors in this issue come from European countries (Switzerland, Germany), North America (the USA) as well as the southern hemisphere (South Africa). Given the breadth of COVID-related (change) experiences, the insights presented in this issue can be relevant to many HEIs across the globe, notwithstanding their cultural and institutional specificities. In addition, and of high relevance to us, the articles collected here focus both on different positions or roles (students, faculty, management) as well as on different levels of teaching and learning in higher education. While most contributions focus on the student experience during COVID, others investigate faculty/instructors' perspectives including faculty development. Yet another group takes a more systemic, institutional point of view. It could be argued that higher-education research takes up a multi-level perspective when exploring change and the new normal.

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Robert Kordts

Robert Kordts (Hrsg.)

Dietrich Wagner

Dietrich Wagner (Hrsg.)

Claudio Sidler

Claudio Sidler (Hrsg.)

Karen Tinsner-Fuchs

Karen Tinsner-Fuchs (Hrsg.)

Bernadette Dilger

Bernadette Dilger (Hrsg.)

Taiga Brahm

Taiga Brahm (Hrsg.)

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