Course Project Management in practice

Course Project Management in practice

Frank Stumpe

Wirtschaft & Management


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This course will guide you through several years of practical experience using specific theories from the best of both worlds PMBok and PRINCE2. Filled with own practical experience this course will provide you some practical knowledge. A brief theoretical chapter is followed by practical examples, templates and processes to allow Project Managers to handle their project effectively. It is not the intention of this course to be theoretical documentation but is rather a summary of 17 years of experience in the field.
All methods are linked together with an model for complex-cybernetic systems and filled with hands-on knowledge about how to work with and for teams.
Frank Stumpe

Frank Stumpe

Frank Stumpe was born in Germany 1969. After a vocational training
as mechanical he studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH
University of technology Aachen, Germany. He finished his Ph.D. in
project management in complex-cybernetic systems.
In parallel he works as consultant in project- and change management
at Trox Ventilation, John Deere, ÖBB, SBB, Holcim, etc. Frank Stumpe
was lecturer at the RWTH Aachen for Project Management and holds
actually guest lecturers at the University of Münster, the KU Leuven
as well as the K.H.Kempen University College.
He is active as promoter of master thesis’s and PhD. students. As
moderator of an international discussion group about Project and
Program Management within ICT he actual share his knowledge (Xing.
The professional career of Frank Stumpe was international and crossindustrial.
Starting from managing European research projects he
works for heavy industry, food industry as well as hotels and transport.
He was CEO of IPS Bulgaria Ltd. and member of the Group-ExCo
responsible for training and methods. Today working as head of the
competence centre project based working at KBC Group. He has app.
17 years’ experience in all facets of project management.

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