Cottagecore Poetry. Life is a Story -

Cottagecore Poetry. Life is a Story -

Eileen Schuberth


68 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783710891649

Verlag: publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 25.08.2023

Sprache: Deutsch, Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Escape into the fascinating world of poetry, in which the beauty of nature and the pain of (unrequited) love unite in a unique way.
With a mixture of German and English lines, I'll take you on a journey into my world of thoughts.
Unleash your longing for a rural idyll, blooming flowers and a quieter life!

With paintings by Eileen S. that perfectly capture the mood and take the reader into a world full of colors and feelings!
Eileen Schuberth

Eileen Schuberth

Eileen Schuberth was born in Bavaria in 2007.
In 2022, she moved to the beautiful Steigerwald to fulfill her lifelong dream of living on a farm. She is happiest when surrounded by nature and her goats.
Creativity plays a significant role in her life, when she's not painting or crafting, she's busy developing a new book idea.
These poetic texts emerged somewhat serendipitously, gradually filling more and more of her notebooks.

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