New and interesting knowledge about the Via Claudia Augusta, the first Europe-connecting road across the Alps

Associazione Via Claudia Augusta Italia A.P.S. Verein Via Claudia Augusta Tirol

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The Via Claudia Augusta was the first Europe-connecting road across the Alps, to which the Romans extended the routes through which the Celts, Raetians, Venetians, Ligurians and Etruscans were in contact with each other.

The history of the millennia-old road and the history of the places and regions along it are constantly being researched. The historical publication includes contributions by archaeologists and historians on particularly interesting and new aspects of Europe's cultural axis

Cultural contacts and trade relations along the Via Claudia Augusta in the mirror of the archaeological findings (Prof. Dr. Gerald Grabherr, University of Innsbruck)
Roman wood and gravel road in the Eschenloher Moos: Emperor Claudius and the Via Claudia Augusta (Dr. Werner Zanier, Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities)
The predecessor of the Via Claudia Augusta Prehistoric traffic in North Tyrol (Margarethe Kirchmayr, Bakk. MA)
From the Po to the Elbe - The Via (Claudia) Augusta in the time of Emperor Augustus (Dr. Bernd Steidl, Bavarian State Archaeological Collection, Munich)
Beyond the Via Claudia Augusta, from Altino to the north (Jacopo Turchetto, Ancient topography, University of Padova)
Testimonials of the Via Claudia Augusta between the Po river and Verona (Patrizia Basso & Valeria Grazioli, University of Verona)
A Roman settlement on the Via Claudia Augusta in Dormitz south of the Fernpass (Mag. Barbara Kainrath, University of Innsbruck)
The Via Claudia Augusta moves the Vinschgau into the center of Europe (Dr. Hubert Steiner, Office for Buried Archaeological Monuments Bolzano/Bozen/Ufficio Beni archeologici Bolzano)
The Via Claudia Augusta in South Tyrol - The construction of roads as an emblem of the conquest and transformation of the territory (Alessandro de Leo & Stefano di Stefano)
The Via Claudia Augusta, a road between the Adriatic and the Danube at the origins of Europe (Dr. Prof. Vittorio Galliazzo, University of Venice)
Telling stories, in and between the museums (M. A. Manfred Hahn, Roman Museum of Augsburg)

Today, the Via Claudia Augusta is a cultural-historical themed road where you can experience everything that shaped this important road before the Romans, in Roman times, in the Middle Ages and in modern times: Regions, times, people and their cultures, and all this on foot like the Romans, on the most popular cross-border bike route of the Germans or on a panoramic route for car, camper, bus.
Associazione Via Claudia Augusta Italia A.P.S. Verein Via Claudia Augusta Tirol

Associazione Via Claudia Augusta Italia A.P.S. Verein Via Claudia Augusta Tirol

The 2 associations Via Claudia Augusta Tirol and Via Claudia Augusta Italia A.P.S, which have published the publication within the Interreg project "Herditas, Virtual Via Claudia Augusta", are 2 of the altogether 3 Via Claudia Augusta associations, which have revived the Via Claudia Augusta since some years and have founded for this the common Europe-linking organization Via Claudia Augusta Trnasnational EWIV GEIE EEIG.

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