Companion For The Shell Collector

Companion For The Shell Collector

Chitons, Tusk-Shells, Bivalves, Gastropods, Cephalopods, Brachiopods, Sea-Urchins, Starfish, Land-Snails & Freshwater-Molluscs

Sven Erik Gehrmann

Natur- & Humanwissenschaften


360 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783753426303

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 29.06.2021

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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This work is based on the WORLD REGISTER OF MARINE SPECIES (WORMS), which is an international platform of science. This includes the currently valid scientific names and systematics of our recent marine animals. This book presents more than 600 different species of marine and freshwater molluscs. It also includes some species of sea urchins, starfish and arthropods, bringing the total number of diverse species to more than 780. The work places the species in the context of their habitats, their survival and reproduction strategies, and their aquaristic durability, if live specimens can be obtained. This book presents both: The live animals for the vivarists and their empty shells for the collectors. Many of the species shown
here are not common, unusual or even rare. In addition, some photos of original habitats and aquarium photographs round off the work. In passing, the book also comments on some current environmental problems, which are unfortunately usually not mentioned in conventional works on this subject. A very informative book, which should inspire reflection and action at the same time.
Sven Erik Gehrmann

Sven Erik Gehrmann

Sven Erik Gehrmann, born in 1969, was originally born in Berlin. Since 2011, he has been living on the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony, where he maintains numerous relationships with fishermen, marine biologists, journalists, employees of public institutions and other people who are concerned with the topic of the sea and its diverse inhabitants. He runs various small and large aquaria to study and document the behaviour of marine animals. His particular passion is the inhabitants of the North Sea and the Mediterranean. That is why he keeps and maintains various collections. He has always been fascinated by groyne, beach and silt fringe finds. He would like to share his observations and insights with others in order to make a small contribution to a new environmental awareness.

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