From being a sceptic to my aura-medium-center

Aurélienne Dauguet

Gesundheit, Ernährung & Fitness


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Behind this partly biographic report, there is an important message for you. For, it is indeed a reminder of the fact, that you also possess the ability to relate to various dimensions within (with the deeper layers of your unconscious, with your body and its functions), as well as to the different levels of consciousness in the universe.
Communication is the basis of existence: everything in creation is connected with each other and constantly interacting among each other.
Souls who have passed and other disincarnated beings have inspired me to create the AURA-MEDIUM-CENTER. Its goal and purpose as well as the content of the trainings are described in this book.
Aurélienne Dauguet

Aurélienne Dauguet

Aurélienne Dauguet (born 1953 in Paris) has had a pronounced subtle perception ability since her youth.
Initially working as a nurse (also as a registered RMN), today she now teaches as a lecturer at the well-known naturopathy schools in Germany and Switzerland for aura therapy, subtle radionics, the dying process perceived from a holistic point of view, spiritual healing, etc.
The current teaching offers are available from the Paracelsus schools.
Further training: lithotherapy, aura work, aromatherapy, flower and gemstone essences, radiesthesia, subtle radionics (without device), "Radionic Practitioner" according to the "British Radionic Association" and with David Tansley, Aura Soma training with Vicky Wall. Aurélienne Dauguet was one of the very first Aura Soma teachers.
Teaching and seminars on the subject of the aura take place across Europe.
For the last 35 years, she has been practicing Aura reading and Aura cleansing, automatic writing as individual sessions, individual teaching and distant support together with radionics in German, English and French per zoom or by telephone.


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