Coaching across the Globe

Coaching across the Globe

Benchmark results of the Bresser Consulting Global Coaching Survey with a supplementary update highlighting the latest coaching developments to 2013

Frank Bresser

Wirtschaft & Management


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ISBN-13: 9783848223626

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.02.2013

Sprache: Englisch

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This book gives a useful overview of the situation of coaching across the globe by presenting the benchmark results of the Bresser Consulting Global Coaching Survey and giving a supplementary update highlighting the latest coaching developments to 2013.

The Global Coaching Survey covered 162 countries and, for the first time, systematically examined the situation and development of coaching in the world overall, in each continent, region and country. It set new standards in the field and is a benchmark since. In 2010, the renowned international magazine 'Coaching at Work' included the Bresser Consulting Global Coaching Survey in the list of main achievements of the coaching industry.

Several thousand companies and individuals have downloaded the survey results from Bresser Consulting and the high interest in the findings is unchanging. Besides the results' high practical relevance and applicability, the research project has also triggered lots of further local and regional research initiatives and has served as a role model and template for others’ global research since.

Interestingly, the basic findings of the Global Coaching Survey, while conducted in 2009, are still valid today, when compared with all subsequent research into this topic.

For all these reasons, the publication of the benchmark results of the Global Coaching Survey in paperback and e-book form in the regular book trade was overdue, brought up to date with a supplementary chapter highlighting the latest developments to 2013.

Author; Frank Bresser, Receiver of Global HR Excellence Award 2011
Editor: Amanda Bouch

This book is available in the book trade as paperback (b/w and colour) and as e-book (fully in colour). Please note that the paperback version bought in and sent from Germany includes a great number of pages in colour. Other print versions are in black and white. We recommend downloading the basic colour digital pdf version of the Global Coaching Survey (included in Part II of this book) from as a visual supplement, when you buy the paperback version in black and white.
Frank Bresser

Frank Bresser

Frank Bresser received for his work the Global HR Excellence Award 2011. Together with his team, he is helping companies design, implement and optimise tailor-made coaching programmes suited to their organisation-specific needs and generating business success.

He pioneered the development of systematic and strategic design, implementation and improvement of coaching programmes as a distinct discipline and is a regular keynote speaker on national and international conferences.

He holds an MBA with Distinction in International Management from the University of East London (dissertation topic: Implementation of coaching in business) and has (co-)written over 30 books and articles on coaching. Bresser Consulting also publishes the Global Coaching Survey, which examined the situation of business coaching across the globe in each continent, region and country (covering 162 countries).

German summary:
Frank Bresser ist globaler Business-Experte zur erfolgreichen Nutzung von Coaching in Unternehmen und erhielt für seine Arbeit den Global HR Excellence Award 2011. Mehr Informationen unter:


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