Chrystillian Christmas

Chrystillian Christmas

Christmas as usual and different

Renier-Fréduman Mundil

Romane & Erzählungen


286 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783756883387

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.10.2023

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Nein

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A goose on its flight to baking-oven land, chasing a golden angel's curl, encountering a mutant Christmas tree, an endless line of waiting stars, Santa's great-great-ancestor and, of course, Father Christmas himself, sitting on a cloud under whose shadow a boy is riding down from the peaks of the Andes, spreading the news of Christ's birth ... It could be like that, but it isn't quite, maybe a little, but just maybe.
An Advent calendar of Christmas short stories, profound and loving, varied and multi-faceted, presented in a wonderful narrative style that will enchant even the adult reader. A fragrance-wrapped Christmas soufflé that can be eaten over 26+1 days, on each day of Advent and Christmas plus New Year's Eve, or all at once, depending on the size of your appetite or Christmas taste ...
Renier-Fréduman Mundil

Renier-Fréduman Mundil

Renier-Fréduman Mundil (pseudonym) has been a doctor for 40 years in Berlin, Germany. Mundil has been married for 43 years and has 24 children (don't be alarmed, four of his own, four children-in-law and 16 grandchildren). Now, at the end of his professional life he has has pulled a manuscript out of his desk drawer, clothed it in the neatly cleaned and freshly ironed costume of an old book cover, so that it returns to the familiar point of 'Christmas.

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