Burner Games

Burner Games

small games with a huge fun factor

Muriel Sutter

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Sport, Wellness & Beauty


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For a long time little games have been frowned upon. Nevertheless games like dodge ball, prison ball, hammerball and other rather primitive game forms would not dissappear from the gym. For good reason: These games are simply fun for people of all ages (also most grown-ups). However these games are used, be it as a reward after an intense lesson, as an introduction for an early morning‘s class or as a highlight in the last lesson before vacation: With these game ideas fun and excitement are guaranteed!
These games are very different from one another concerning the physical aspect. In this collection you can find some games that are useful for warm-ups, others for cool-downs and (especially!) some very intense ones! A big transfer of competence to the big sport games is rather unlikely, but a high amount of fun is guaranteed :-)
Muriel Sutter

Muriel Sutter

From an early age, I spent every free minute playing different sports. Handball, basketball, volleyball or floorball - I was enthusiastic about anything involving balls. In the course of my education I specialised further in sport-games and was soon involved in the teaching business. During the last couple of years I could carry out numerous and qualified activities in schools and University, as well as with amateur and professional athletes.

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