Ballistol for Skin and Wound Care

Ballistol for Skin and Wound Care

Skin Wound Oil Dr. Schmid

Peter Schmid

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ISBN-13: 9783748156826

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Erscheinungsdatum: 10.04.2019

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Ballistol is safe in its use for wounds, on skin and mucosa and for exposed gut.
There were several incidents of a suspected allergic reaction to Ballistol, however, re-exposure did not create any problems.
Ballistol can be used as a disinfectant. Its use does not hinder wound healing; it seems to even promote wound healing as opposed to other disinfectants.
In wounds, Ballistol has a local anesthetic affect, and it facilitates the dressing change due to its lubricant effect.
Since it is water soluble it can be completely washed out of wounds with normal saline or drinking water.
Ballistol can be used with Vac systems, with PolymemR and also with a Chloramine 0.1% solution.
It is feasible to have patients change themselves their wound dressings using drinking water to irrigate and clean the wound as needed, followed by the application of Ballistol into the wound and its surroundings.
The wound may be covered with clean, even non-sterile gauzes wetted with Ballistol. This allows for a very cost-efficient and readily available treatment.
Ballistol is available in most countries in weapon shops and it is affordable.
All these properties make the use of Ballistol attractive especially in third World countries and in situations with limited resources.
Peter Schmid

Peter Schmid

As a General Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon the author had set up a Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital in Magdeburg after the Berlin Wall fell. He got to know Ballistol and its use for wounds from his nurses in the Intensive Care Unit. They achieved the healing of a complicated infected wound in a septic patient with the use of Ballistol. Since 1991 the author uses Ballistol for himself as a disinfectant and as his only skin care product. As a consultant he used Ballistol in badly infected wounds in horses. Confronted with desperate wound problems and with the consent of his patients, he started using Ballistol in desperate situations. Impressed and encouraged by the effects on wounds, and by the outcome of his critically ill patients, he is now using Ballistol in wounds as a preferred option. This book documents the use of Ballistol for wounds and for skin care. The author did not receive any funding towards the compilation of this book.

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