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10 - points - plan

Mike Fisher

Wirtschaft & Management


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During and after my studies I ran for a long time through the book stores and book departments and libraries and looked for advisors and instructions that could show me how to lead a company on the road to success. Nothing, nada, niente ... nothing at all, which shows me this way. Theoretical listings and regularities reflect the content there, everything that is preached to students at colleges and universities in lectures, whether as slides or in the form of lectures. It is very rare that the luck helps one to be allowed to experience practice-oriented lecturers, who can connect the basic knowledge which can be obtained theoretically also into practice-referred examples. I, on the other hand, was lucky during my studies. This later also shaped my professional career. To apply theoretical knowledge in practice in such a way that the success of an enterprise adjusts itself automatically. With this protocol series I present some aspects and remarks, which make it possible for one to regard and develop always up-to-date the market situation and the conditions of the own enterprise following positively, so that one should never get with its enterprise into the red numbers
Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher

The author is 50 years old.
He currently lives and works in the German capital.
He draws his experience from over 20 years of working as a controller.
Today he works as a head of finance and controlling in the upper management segment.
He is internationally experienced and has worked in production companies worldwide.
His experience in the field of controlling extends across the entire company and the group as a whole.
In his career to date, he has led all the companies entrusted to him on the road to success.
With his knowledge, he has strengthened and stabilized the market positions of the companies.

The author began his professional career as an analyst and corporate developer after completing a 4-year degree in industrial engineering, specializing in controlling in crisis management. His career then led him from project management/project controlling to central/strategic purchasing and controller. From the establishment of a controlling department and its reporting system to controlling for cost reductions and cost gap analysis, to corporate controller and finally to corporate controller. He holds the current position as head of finance and controlling in a medium-sized, internationally operating production company with several locations, which has been profitable for the first time since its entry and would also assert itself on the market today as an independently operating company. The fundamental aspects of this 10-point-plan were applied in particular and demonstrate the correctness and consistency of the installation of a strategic/operational controlling system.

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