Jarah Aurel

Band 1: The Harmonia Chronicles



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Sprache: Englisch

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After an accident killed her parents, Malia's life is turned upside down. She's going to an academy she's never heard of with people who have powers she didn't know existed, preparing for a war she wants to play no part in.
Only that she will play a part in it, and one much more important than she could`ve anticipated.
Will she be able to keep up with the other students or will she fail? Can she possibly be what people expect from her? And more importantly, how will she possibly survive living in the same place as a certain curly-haired, deeply infuriating boy?
Only time will tell.

The Wattpad sensation is coming on paper! After winning the hearts of many readers online, the edited version is finally available as a physical copy!
Arcane is a uniquely constructed book that plays over the span of multiple years to show the development of two rivals` relationship as they grow up.
Jarah Aurel

Jarah Aurel

Jarah Aurel loves reading, but before that became her passion, she was already always busy creating her own stories. Ever since she was a child, she`s made scenarios at night instead of sleeping, either about characters of a movie she`d watched or about her own life.
She`s created millions of stories over the years, so the struggle after finishing one project is never having no ideas for another. It`s the question of which one of the ones she's had she'll bring to paper next. So stay tuned for what else is to come.

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