Application of Stochastic Frontier Model on Agriculture

Application of Stochastic Frontier Model on Agriculture

Empirical Evidence in Wheat Producing Areas of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Solomon Bizuayehu Wassie

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Erscheinungsdatum: 29.06.2012

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Issue of efficiency has come to be one of the most areas of interest, especially in developing countries. Given scanty resource endowment and limited technology dream of growth in less developed countries could be achieved by enhancing the efficiency of production. In chapter one of this book, basic concepts of efficiency, types of efficiency models and their pros and cons are briefly discussed. More importantly, due attention is devoted to model specification of stochastic frontier model. Chapter two deals with the empirical review of researches done on efficiency, mainly using stochastic frontier model. Last but not least, chapter 3 focuses on illustrating the theory and model discussed in the former chapters with case study. Hence, in this chapter, case study on the application of stochastic frontier model on wheat producing areas of Amhara region, Ethiopia, is presented very briefly.
Solomon Bizuayehu Wassie

Solomon Bizuayehu Wassie

The author, Solomon Bizuayehu, was born in Debre Tabor on August 08/ 1984. After completion of his high school education, he joined Mekelle University in November 2002 and graduated with Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources Economics and Management in 2006. Soon after graduation, he joined Debre Birhan Agricultural Research Center of Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute as researcher in Socio Economics Research Division and worked there since October 2006. Unders his stay in the research institute, he published 3 research articles on ARARI proceeding. In October 2009 he joined the School of Graduate Studies of Haramaya University, Department of Agricultural Economics for his MSc degree in agricultural economics (to be graduated on October 2012). Currently he is doing his second MSc in Environmental, Development and Resource Economics at University of OSLO.

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