Angels of the Lord

Angels of the Lord

An apostolic-prophetic-messianic teaching

Gunter Rappl

Band 1: Angels of the Lord

Gesellschaft, Politik & Medien


64 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783748184195

Verlag: BoD - Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 21.11.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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Mehr Infos
Are Angels real, do they exist today? In this book
you find answers you never dared to asked other
In his first book, Angels of the Lord, Apostle Dr.
Gunter Rappl takes his readers on a fascinating
journey into the understanding of the realm of the
angels of YHWH Echad.
Apostle Dr. Gunter Rappl covers fascinating
topics detailing the origin, existence, and abode
of angels, their names, ministry functions, duties,
and the classification of angels, to name a few.
As revealed by the Ruach HaKodesh, Apostle Dr.
Gunter Rappl describes in this book for the first
time four different groups of worship angels
creating so called fire tunnels for ministering
deliverance and healing to the saints.
Also described in depth for the first time in a book
is when and how angels of YHWH Echad bless
saints and ordinary people (Gen. 48:16).
The revelations described in the book are backed
up by real life angelic encounters and diverse
angelic visitations alone or together as ministry
team in his Ekklesia Consuming Fire & GFC in Cologne,
Bible-based prayers at different parts of the book
invite the reader to actively engage with these
heavenly messengers of YHWH Echad to release
protection, healings or blessings from the trading
floors of heaven unto the heirs of Elohim
according to the promise.
Gunter Rappl

Gunter Rappl

Dr. Apostle Gunter Rappl, born 1969, is the founding Apostle of Ekklesia Consuming Fire & GFC in
Cologne, North Rhine Westfalia, Germany.
Gunters heart beats that every single disciple of Yeshua HaMashiach through intimacy with YHWH
Echad finds his God-given Identity and then makes his calling and election in the Edah Yeshua
HaMashiachs sure.
After giving his life a second time to Yeshua at the month of Cheshvan 2001, he joined 2003 as a
living stone an Apostolic-Prophetic Ekklesia in Cologne, followed by baptism in the spirit and in
water around Purim 2003. Afterwards Dr. Apostle Gunter Rappl attended, beginning 2004 until
2010, in Germany and in the USA different bible-based training seminaries at apostolic and
prophetic training centers with the focus on practical application of the studied material. He
graduated 2006 sucessfully from a School of the Prophets (Pastors Bruno and Claudia Zimmerli,
FCG Hanau, Hessen, Germany) and 2011 from a School of Apostolic Ministries (Apostle Randy
Clark, Apostolic Equipping Institute, Spirit of Life Ministries, FL, USA). At the fall feasts 2011,
Gunter was ordained and comissioned by Pastor Kay Tolman (Restoration Gateway Ministries, OR,
USA) and her apostolic team as Apostle. At the end of 2013 Gunter completed the leadership
training for Advanced Deliverance Training with the title Train the Trainers (Michael and
Madelene Eayrs, Just like Him Ministries, GA, USA).
At the autumn feasts of Adonai 2012 Ekklesia Consuming Fire, Cologne, Germany was born in the
spirit through the Ruach HaKodesh and founded by Gunter in the natural as an international
apostolic, prophetic and messianic training center (Edah) based on Acts 2 and 4. On the first
apostolic and prophetic conference around the spring feasts of Adonai Nissan 2013 in Cologne the
calling, vision, and mandate of the Ekklesia was judged and confirmed by the attending apostles and
prophets from all over the world with whom Gunter is aligned in friendship.
Since Gunter understands the safeguard of being under spiritual authority he aligned 2014 himself
and the Ekklesia Consuming Fire, Cologne, with Apostle Jeff Jansen (Global Fire Ministries, TN,
USA) and Ekklesia Consuming Fire became a part of the world-wide apostolic network Global
Connect (Apostle Jeff Jansen). Around Shavuot 2015 Gunter was ordained and comissioned as
Apostle in Global Connect by Apostle Peter Wagner, Apostle Dutch Sheets and last but not least
Apostle Jeff Jansen.

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