Alice - through Fire and Water

Alice - through Fire and Water

Or: Where is Wonderland?

Anselm Keussen, Gabriele Breucha

Erotische Literatur


332 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783752849820

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 12.09.2018

Sprache: Englisch

Farbe: Ja

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A Book on Personal Development
and on the Magic Realms of Human Intimacy

"Loving Intimacy, what is that?," Alice often thought, when she left the therapy-room.

Her therapies had helped her to understand the origins of her problems in that area - but the actual difficulties in her love-life remained, so she wasn't able to form a lasting realtionship with a man. Until - - -
Alice's quest for healing turns out to be a minor Odyssey with several set-backs - but she is single-minded and determined enough to stay on her chosen track. Step by step, she first finds competent professionals and later, some real friends, who all help and accompany her during her adventures in the worlds on the other side of the 'Looking Glass'.
This 'Looking Glass' grants Alice access to the outer and inner Land of Self-Healing and is the state-of-the-art, evidence-based Psycho-Therapeutic Medicine = ebPTM that applies Psycho-Active-Substances = PAS, to promote healing for old and complicated trauma as well.

Eventually, Alice and her friends - three couples altogether - wind up participating in 'Project Infinity', an MDMA- or 'Empathy'-supported research-study for couples, who are looking for healing or improvement for their often difficult and ailing relationships.
And finally, some real progress seems closer at hand than Alice would ever have dreamt possible - - -

If you're also interested in true fulfilment in your marriage or with your partner - witness the long and winding road that Alice and her friends are taking.
'Project-Infinity', the MDMA-supported couples therapy-study, really happened in the beginning of the 1980ies already - a time, when MDMA still was legal. The results, however, as good as they were, couldn't be published for decades, because of the anachronistic political taboo on Psycho-Active Substances = PAS.

Yet today, in 2018 and beyond, during the Global Psychedelic Renaissance, when MDMA is going to be applied in several countries in a big Phase-III study for PTSD = Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder treatment, this book is in tune with the spirit of our time and could just be the right reader for you!
Anselm Keussen

Anselm Keussen

Anselm Keussen is a Dr. med./ MD as a General Practioner, specialized in Depth-Psychology based Psychotherapy and is licensed as a Doctor for Psychotherapy, working in his practice in Munich, Germany.

After finishing his university training in medical sciences (LMU Munich and one year of 4th year electives at St. Louis University Medical School, in neurology, neurophysiology lab and neonatal intensve care unit), he joined the COLOMAN therapy center - out in nature near Wasserburg and in Munich - as a medical psychotherapist (1981).

While studying in St. Louis, he also met his first wife. Later they had a daughter together, who is a mother herself by now, married and working as a teacher.

The COLOMAN therapy center in southern Bavaria was smaller, but similar to the Californian Esalen-institute, and Janov's Primal Therapy and Encounter groups were mainly used in the beginning; only to be followed by Rebirthing, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis = TA and Core-/ Bioenergetics as well as Rolfing, Postural Integration and various forms of Gentle Massage.

Later Hakomi, video-assisted work and the more systemic, or rather hypno-systemic, approaches of Milton Erikson's work, Family Therapy work, NLP and Bert Hellinger's Systemic Family Constellations were also employed.

Besides, a host of spiritual programmes and groups were going on, from Christian Meditation practices to ZEN and Shamanism (dancing, drumming, sweat-lodges etc.), including work with a samadhi tank as well. He worked there from 1981-1994.

During this time, he wrote his dissertation on: "The Meta-Model of Psychoanalysis -
An Actualisation of Freud's ´Project of a Psychology for Neurologists´ from the perspective of modern psychology, neurophysiology and clinical psychotherapy" (1984).

Later on, he also specialized in Depth Psychology based Psychotherapy and started his own practice as a licensed Medical Psychotherapist (1991).

Gabriele Breucha

Gabriele Breucha

Gabriele Breucha ist Diplom Oecotrophologin, also Ernährungswissenschaftlerin, und niedergelassene Heilpraktikerin; sowie Psychotherapeutin mit eigener Praxis in München.
Außerdem ist sie eine erfahrene Expertin in vedischer und westlicher Astrologie, worin sie auch Sitzungen anbietet.

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